How to Choose Your TENGA HOLE LOTION

Almost all sex toys from TENGA require the use of a lubricant or lotion for a more comfortable experience. Except for disposables like the CUP series, which are already pre-lubricated. That is why TENGA has developed its own series of lotions, the HOLE LOTION Series.

Each of these lotions has been specifically designed and formulated for a different feel and purpose, but it can be a little hard to understand which lotion you should buy when you first consider buying one. Read on for our introduction to the HOLE LOTION Series, and some imaginative suggestions on how to use them!

More information on the ingredients of all our water-based lotions can be found on the individual product pages.



The TENGA HOLE LOTION is a series of five different lubricants for sex toys, which differ mainly in their viscosity. The five TENGA HOLE LOTIONs are the HOLE LOTION [MILD], HOLE LOTION [REAL], HOLE LOTION [WILD], HOLE LOTION [SOLID] and the HOLE LOTION [COOL]. The WILD offers the least thick lotion with the SOLID being the most viscous.

The COOL LOTION is a special, limited edition cooling variation of our popular REAL LOTION. While they can all be used with all TENGA sex toys that require lubrication, there are subtle differences that can increase the sensations that the user can experience. Read on for a more in-depth introduction to each of the lotions.

Different TENGA HOLE LOTION Varieties

HOLE LOTION [WILD] is the thinnest of the HOLE LOTIONs, creating direct stimulation that gives a 'wild' sensation. Outside of the limited edition COOL LOTION, it's also the only HOLE LOTION which contains a hint of menthol for an extra sensational feel. This LOTION is recommended if you don't want the feeling of lubrication to affect the stimulation from the intricate inner details of the sex toy.

The next lotion is HOLE LOTION [REAL]. It is similar to HOLE LOTION [WILD], but with a slightly higher viscosity and without added menthol. As the name suggests, REAL LOTION gives a more realistic feeling to the lubricant. This LOTION is recommended for users who want a more authentic feel when using their masturbator.

HOLE LOTION [MILD] is the second thickest lotion in terms of viscosity, but it is still mild enough to give a realistic feel. The lubricant delicately coats the sex toy and provides a long-lasting yet mild sensation for the user. This product is best used with our gentler products, for example white variants of the FLIP ZERO and FLIP ORB Series.

Last but not least, there is HOLE LOTION [SOLID]. This lube is the thickest of the range and is designed to allow the user to feel every firm edge of their sex toy, while providing long-lasting lubrication. A great example of a product that works well with this lotion is the FLIP HOLE SILVER, which has stronger edges on the inside for intense stimulation.

With the SOLID LOTION, none of the feel of these firmer designs is lost to lubrication. This product is best used with our stronger products, such as the Black or STRONG versions of the FLIP ZERO and FLIP ORB series.

There is also a new limited edition lotion on offer: HOLE LOTION [COOL]. This lotion has the same viscosity as HOLE LOTION [REAL] and is enriched with menthol to create a cooling sensation, just like our products in the COOL series.

Next, let us look at how you can easily use HOLE LOTION.


The TENGA HOLE LOTION series is made to be simple and easy to use. Below is a brief description of how to use the lotion with your sex toy.

How to Use

  • Remove the shrink wrap from the HOLE LOTION
  • Remove the cap of the HOLE LOTION
  • If you are using a masturbator with an insertion hole, make sure you lubricate both the inside (be careful not to use too much) and the rim of the insertion hole.
  • When using a masturbator for external use, use enough to lubricate the product as needed.
  • Be sure to replace the cap of the HOLE LOTION and keep in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

Our Suggestions

The TENGA HOLE LOTION is designed to be used with one one of our products on its own. However, one of the lesser known ways to use it is to combine some of the lotions for differing and interesting new experiences.

For example, with the FLIP ZERO and FLIP ORB series, you could try mixing and matching lotions by using one lotion for the bottom half of the product and another lotion for the top half! Here's a few suggestions:

You could try using the HOLE LOTION [WILD] for the bottom half of a FLIP product for a gentler, mentholated feel on insertion and the [MILD] for a slightly stronger feel on the top half.

The FLIP can also be used to combine stronge and gentle stimulation. Use the [REAL] lotion on the bottom half and insertion point, then mix with the [SOLID] on the top half so that the deeper the penetration, the stronger the feeling!

The HOLE LOTION Series can be combined to add an extra layer of sensations to your sex toys. Be creative!


We hope this guide will help you understand which of the products in the HOLE LOTION range suits what you want from a lubricant. And with our additional suggestions, you might enjoy your TENGA products in a completely new way, whether it's your first time or your fiftieth!